Community Outreach

In line with the vision, Core Counseling & Consulting, PLLC strives to develop strong and engaged relationships with the immediate and broader community. Value is placed on giving back in the following ways:

1. Providing psychoeducation to individuals, families, groups and communities about the importance of mental/emotional wellness,

2. Advocating for the removal of stigma associated with mental/emotional wellness that impedes individuals, families and communities from seeking mental/emotional wellness support, and

3. Networking with others who have the opportunity to further the mission and vision of Core Counseling & Consulting, PLLC.

Current community engagement/ outreach activities:

Love and Faith Radio

Tune in every Thursday for Dr. Angel Dowden's weekly radio segment on 100.7 WLJF Love and Faith Radio. Dr. Dowden does a ten minute segment from 8:20 am until 8:30 am. The segment is called "Real Talk Thursday! Mental Health and Wellness with Dr. Angel Dowden." Use any of these formats to catch the radio show: download the Tune In app: Love and Faith Radio; Facebook: Love and Faith Radio; Twitter: Love and Faith Radio; Google- Love and Faith Radio and tune in on Online Radio Box. For more information about the radio show visit: and click in Joy in the Morning.

Other outreach opportunities

August 21, 2019- School counselor as Leader and Advocate for the Durham Public Schools (DPS) School Counselor Back-to-School Retreat.

May 16, 2019- African American women and mental health panel discussion for Mental Health Awareness Month for MBA Association of Raleigh/Durham.

Community Partners

M&M Educational Group

Academic support for school age children and their families:

M&M Educational Group (Tutoring Service) is a teacher operated comprehensive educational company, providing a variety of tutoring & educational consulting services to parents, schools, & other organizations.  With 30 years of classroom experience at our disposal, we exist to help students, parents, schools, and community organizations succeed in their educational endeavors.  For more information about our services, visit our website ( or contact us at 984-888-0141!

Northview Psychiatric Associates, PLLC

Providing psychiatric management to adults 18-64 years:

Northview Psychiatric Associates, PLLC provides comprehensive, compassionate, patient-centered, evidence-based psychiatric management to adults ages 18 to 64 in the Triangle area. We use an individualized and integrated approach that combines patient education with various therapeutic techniques and medication management, all of which promote well-being and increased functioning. We provide skilled diagnostic evaluation and management for a variety of mental illnesses including mood disorders (including depression and bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders, dual diagnosis, sleep disorders, and women’s mental health. For more information about psychiatric services, visit or contact the office at 919-689-4921.